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Our philosophy High quality products & exceptional service

High-quality products and exceptional services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market. We have been researching, developing and manufacturing innovative photovoltaic solutions since 1992. As a solar pioneer and manufacturer of inverters from day one, we now offer a wide range of products relating to generating, storing, distributing and consuming energy from renewable sources. Our product range has expanded to include inverters, storage solutions, meters and energy monitoring systems, as well as complete system solutions and an extensive range of services.

Our vision of 24 hours of sun is what drives us

Revolutionary technologies and ideas for the transformation and control of energy are the key to reaching our goal of a sustainable energy supply from 100% renewable sources. This is why we are working intensively with other innovation leaders. Together we are coordinating our products and systems so that we can deliver intelligent and cost-effective energy solutions for you. With an extensive global network of qualified Sales and Service Partners, we are driving the transition towards 24 hours of sun – for the good of future generations.

Fronius Solar Energy stands for:


Changing the world for the better – this is our objective. Through intensive research and the development of new technologies, we are able to satisfy this obligation. As the technology leader in the solar industry, time and again we have shifted the limits of what’s possible and set market trends.

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Fronius continuously impresses with outstanding performance and innovative technology, coupled with the best quality available on the market. We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for over 20 years and are a quality pioneer. We produce durable products at our main site in Sattledt that are “made in Austria”. 

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First-rate service

We say the sun comes out more often for Fronius photovoltaic systems, because we focus on a product's life expectancy when it comes to our service. Fronius users benefit from long-term, reliable support for all of their updates, maintenance and servicing. Fronius products are also developed for quick and easy on-site servicing. Find out more

Strong partnerships

24 hours of sun can only be achieved in partnership with other organisations and individuals working to increase the amount of renewable energy generated worldwide. Here at Fronius, we are accelerating the transformation of our energy supply into 24 hours of sun with our products and solutions, or in cooperation with other innovation leaders.  Find out more


As a solar pioneer, Fronius is focused on sustainability. It has become a central principle that defines our company, from the management through to product design and technical support. With our efficient and resource-conserving solutions for storing and distributing solar energy, we are making a valuable contribution to the energy revolution.

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